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Looking to generate sales directly from Facebook, drive installs of your mobile app, or even just promote your content? Our Facebook Ads management services will get you the results you want, guaranteed

Beat Competitors with Superior Expertise & Tech

We Live, Eat, and Breathe Facebook/Instagram Ads

Get the actionable data that you always needed for your last 90 days! You'd be surprised of what is hiding in your Facebook Ads data. Use your own data to find out how to maximize your Facebook Ad spend ROI.

Click below for a one-click Facebook Ads Account integration. We will always find opportunities to grow and minimize risk.

Why Choose LeanProject Agency for Facebook Advertising Services

There are so many reasons, but here are a few favorites


Our goals are simple, getting 3X ROI on your Facebook Ad Spend within 60-90 days. We will find and scale winning segments and creatives while optimizing tests and spend


Our campaign managers possess a technical mastery of the Facebook advertising platform and have done over 2k+ campaigns and over 20k+ ads


Your offer and direct competition will be researched in detail in order to provide the highest engagement and results for your campaign


We will automatically check your ads every 30 minutes to make sure your campaign complies with KPI rules that you define


Before final delivery, your campaign will be checked in detail to make sure that your campaign is 100% in compliance with Facebook’s advertising policy and guidelines


All clients have direct access to their campaign resources. Our goal is to optimize and streamline our process with you to allow you more free time to manage your business


What's more of a no-brainer? Have our veteran Facebook Ads team who have done over 2k+ campaigns and over 20k+ ads research, create, test, optimize, & scale your Facebook ads. You sit back and relax.


Learn How LeanProject Agency Maintains High-Performing Facebook Ads for Clients

Grow Revenue with

Data-Driven Goals

Plan your 30-day revenue goals and the required Facebook Ad budget to reach your goals. Plan weekly and monthly KPIs and ad spend

Our Founder & Company.

Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence in All We Do.

For LeanProject Agency, those words aren't just a mission, it's a lifestyle. The founding principles were inspired by Rupert's alma mater, The United States Air Force Academy.


After leaving his former life of handling all of NATO Afghanistan's data & firing million dollar rocket motors in the Los Angeles desert, Rupert utilized his war chest to delve into e-commerce technology. Hundreds of technology licenses and 3 startups later, he is driven to share his wealth of tech knowledge with clients. Good news is he already does that on his social media. Follow him below.

LeanProject.co was born out of the love & passion from WeWork's Veterans in Residence startup incubator. LeanProject.co was 1 of 10 startups chosen from 80+ veteran-owned startups in Los Angeles. Recently, LeanProject.co released its game-changing funnels technology to help businesses become even more successful. Follow our active socials for business growth resources and articles.

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