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How do we effectively manage the performance of your ads and minimize wasted ad spend? We combine cutting-edge Facebook Ads technology with our tried and true A.C.O.R. method used by our veteran Facebook Ads marketing team.

How Can LeanProject Agency Cut My Facebook Ads Costs in 7 days?

LeanProject Agency's Facebook Ads management philosophy is based on a 4-step method developed to lower costs and improve Facebook Ads results, we call it the A.C.O.R. method.

The first step in a successful campaign is utilizing your past campaign data

The second step is to create a properly split tested campaign based on the analysis and in-depth research

The third step is to continually optimize the running campaign from wasting money

Lastly, review actionable data that reveals if your campaign is worth keeping


Analyzing past data is crucial for every campaign to determine whether it was successful or if it was a failure. But figuring out WHY a campaign is successful or a failure is even more important… And with the Facebook ads manager, that’s not an easy task. LeanProject Agency makes it easy.

Powerful Data Analysis

LeanProject Agency quickly identifies what aspect of the campaign made your campaign succeed or fail.

Quickly identify segmented audiences so you can accurately figure out which audience was the most profitable and low cost for your campaign.

Being able to properly utilize your past campaign data will give you insight into how your future campaigns will do and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Exposes Wasted Spend

Shows you exactly how your campaign is spending money across multiple timeframes

Find Your Best Performers

By laying out the data that matters and breaking it down, you get to see who was losing you money and who was making it

Segments Your Audience Data

Now every single point of your analysis can be broken down by multiple segments such as age, gender, and placement

Completely Customizable

The analysis can be completely customizable based on the time frame and data points you choose to analyze

PDF Export

Exportable pdf report of your analysis is perfect for stakeholders & decision makers

Perfect For Comparisons

Includes a comparison mode so you can compare multiple adsets, ads or even campaigns


Our veteran team of Facebook Ads specialists has done over 2k+ campaigns and over 20k+ ads. That's the depth of knowledge that goes into your ads. They'll make you feel like rock stars.

SuperCharged Ads

After you pick a campaign to outperform, our expert advertisers will take care of researching your offer and learn about what your competition is doing and discover a benchmark CPC.

We will then send you a competitive quote guaranteeing our campaign will get a lower CPC than the benchmark within a specific time.

Once you approve the quote, our experts will within 3 business days set up your campaign in the most optimal way possible.

Native-English Copywriters

All our ads are written by native English writers who have at least 5+ years experience with Facebook ads and what harnesses the most engagement

Well Researched Campaigns

Your offer and direct competition will be researched in detail in order to provide the highest engagement and results for your campaign

Policy Safe Ads Guaranteed

Before final delivery, your campaign will be checked in detail to make sure that your campaign is 100% in compliance with Facebook’s advertising policy and guidelines


Properly optimizing active campaigns can be a confusing and time-consuming task, especially if you have a couple of campaigns running at the same time. Stop losing on Facebook Ads and continuously optimize ads before they go negative and start burning a hole in your pocket.

LeanProject Agency is your 24/7 Campaign Watch Dog

We will automatically check your ads every 30 minutes to make sure your campaign complies with KPI rules that you define (seriously).

Sleep easier at night knowing that your ads will be kept in line with your own defined KPI benchmarks.

Runs Every 30 Minutes

We can run optimization automation to run every day, every hour, or even every 30 minutes

Pause or Notify

The only way to stop a campaign that is bleeding you dry is to let you know, or better yet stop it before it spends more

Time Frame Rules

Customize your rules to check data based on different a few timeframes, such as today only or past 48 hours


If you rely solely on Facebook’s dashboard, then you are seeing an incomplete picture of how your campaign is performing, which might lead you to believe that your campaign is costing you money when in fact you might be gaining much more than you think

Simple, Actionable Reporting

LeanProject Agency will arrange vital data that truly measure if your campaign is working hard for you.

We will get you closer to knowing if your campaign is worth keeping or losing.

Easy to Read Reports

Focus on clear and simple data points. Customizable and we will only show the data you want to see

Detailed Data When You Need It

See extremely detailed data points of every single campaign, adset, and ad you want

Multiple Time Frames

By default, we like to focus on today's date, but we also offer the ability to see data through multiple timeframes


What's more of a no-brainer? Have our veteran Facebook Ads team who have done over 2k+ campaigns and over 20k+ ads research, create, test, optimize, & scale your Facebook ads. You sit back and relax.

Grow Revenue with

Data-Driven Goals

Plan your 30-day revenue goals and the required Facebook Ad budget to reach your goals. Plan weekly and monthly KPIs and ad spend

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